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Calibrators and Transfer Function

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Calibrators and Transfer Function
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When a TRACK,CALIB file is successfully processed, the object is checked against a list of MIDI calibrators. This list is used by the ESO web-based Calibrators Selector CalVin which is available on line. This list is updated for each Period.

If the estimated diameter of the calibrator is available from the database, a theoritical visibility and its associated error are calculated by the pipeline. The instantaneous transfer function is calculated using the theoritical and the measured visibilities.

IMPORTANT: the pipeline produces TF^2 (and Vis^2). The HC plots monitor the TF^2, while the displays for the individual files show the Visibility or Transfer Function.

VISIBILITY and Transfer Function

The data from 2006 have been re-processed with the midi pipeline v 2.0.4 and the CalVin database compiled for P81 and including 448 calibrators. The current calibrator database is available here.

The instrumental Transfer Function ^2 trending plots are available from the MIDI HC page. The Transfer Function^2 plots are grouped by instrument mode (HIGHSENS or SCIPHOT) , per telescopes (UT or AT) and dispersive element (GRISM or PRISM). The TF is given in 4 different bins (9microns, 10.46microns, 11.79 microns 12.8microns).The 8.64micron bin is also available in the ASCII file but there is no trending. For the ATs, there are different pages for baselines less than 70m and for baselines more than 70m. From there the user can navigate through the history files to display previous data. Health Check plots for zeropoints and photometry can also be found there.

For historic data, several links are available:

  • The "ASCII files" link directs to a directory containing 2 different types of files:
    -- TF files per baseline or telescope type and dispersive element (for example TFselectCalibbin_G0_E0_PRISM_2007 or TFselectCalibbin_AT_PRISM_2007).
    -- TF files for individual calibrator per baseline, per dispersive element (for example TFselectCalibbin_hd100407_U2_U3_PRISM_2008).
  • The "Visibility plots directory" contains different subfolders (day by day or FULL set) where the user can find the QC plots available for the calibrators. If the calibrator has a known diameter, 3 plots are available:
    -- Dispersed Visibility and Photometric Flux, (see here)
    -- Transfer Function, (see here)
    -- Transfer Function with associated error bars, (see here)
The naming convention is the following:
-- the CalVin calibrators plots are named calibname_calibdiam_calibflux_productname_SETTING(_TF/_TFerr).pdf(ps) (where SETTING is either HIGHSENS or SCIPHOT)
-- the data non-CalVin calibrators are also shown here and are named targetname_productname.pdf(ps)

VINCI DATA for the MIDI Calibrators

See here for the list of MIDI calibrators which have been observed with VINCI with an indication of the baselines of observation and their estimated diameter (from CalVin and the MIDI consortium). All the VINCI data are available from the archive or the VLTI web page.