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OMEGACAM: Science data

OmegaCAM science data was processed and quality control checked during the period between January 1, 2012 and July 13, 2012. However, from July 13, 2012 OmegaCAM quality control will follow the QC XXLight paradigm and science processing and evaluation has been discontinued. Verification of the quality control of calibration files is done as usual.

The OmegaCAM pipeline creates four output frames from its science recipe (omega_science): a reduced science image coadding all input frames within the OB (OC_SSCI_<DATE>_1_1_normal_normal_<FILTER>.fits), a confidence map of the stacked science image (OC_SCMS_<DATE>_1_1_normal_normal_<FILTER>.fits), a fits table catalogue listing the detected sources for the coadded science frame (OC_SCAT_<DATE>_1_1_normal_normal_<FILTER>.fits), individual reduced science images (OC_SSDI_<DATE>_1_1_normal_normal_<FILTER>.fits), and a bad pixel mask for each individual science image (OC_SSMA_<DATE>_1_1_normal_normal_<FILTER>.fits).

The full, coadded OmegaCAM reduced science frame for a single detector (r_SDSS filter). (PRO.CATG = STACK_SCIENCE)

The confidence map of the above coadded science frame for a single detector (r_SDSS filter). (PRO.CATG = CONF_MAP_SCIENCE)

A single dither, single detector OmegaCAM reduced science frame (r_SDSS filter). (PRO.CATG = SIMPLE_DITHER, SIMPLE_JITTER, SIMPLE_OFFSET, or SIMPLE_STARE)

A single dither, single detector bad pixel mask for the above reduced science frame (r_SDSS filter). (PRO.CATG = SIMPLE_MASK). A value of 1 indicates a bad pixel; otherwise 0.

Trending and Issues

OmegaCAM science frame processing and quality control is only temporarily supported from January 2012 to mid July 2012. Post July 15, 2012 no science data will be processed and OmegaCAM will be set to QC XXLight standards.


The focus of the QC for the OmegaCAM science frames is on image quality. Along those lines qc_sci_seeing (i.e. the image FWM vs. the corrected DIMM seeing) and qc_sci_ellipticity were monitored. Most importantly, the ellipticity measured over each detector is not to exceed 0.20. Striping is sometimes visible in detector #82 (from about 2012-05-01 to 2012-06-04).

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