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UVES Exposure Time Calculator

Optical Echelle Spectroscopy Mode Version 6.0.0
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Input Flux Distribution

Blackbody T: Kelvin
Power Law Index: F(lambda) is proportional to lambda(Index)
Template Spectra Redshift z: (only applicable to the Template Spectra option)
Object Magnitude: Band: Vega AB
Magnitudes are given per square arcsec for extended sources. Note that some template spectra are defined over a limited wavelength range and may not allow calculations for all instrument configurations. The object magnitude is not taken into account for single line sources.
Single line λ: [330-1000] nm FWHM: nm Flux 10-16 ergs/s/cm2 (per arcsec2 for extended sources)
Spatial Distribution: Point Source Extended Source

Sky Conditions

Moon phase: days from new Moon
Seeing: arcsec FWHM in V-band at zenith (use this value in the proposal). The seeing is irrelevant for extended sources.
Probability 60% for a seeing smaller or equal to the requested value
For point sources, the resulting Image Quality FWHM is modeled by the ETC considering the transfer functions of the atmosphere, telescope and instrument. See the helpfile for details.

Instrument Setup

Pre Slit Optics: Image Slicer:
Slit Width
Free Template: Central Wavelength nm Camera Tilt pixel(s)
Standard Template:
For standard templates, only the central wavelength in parenthesis () can be selected. For free templates, the user can enter values in the range indicated in square brackets [].
Below Slit Filter: CCD Binning:

In the binning, the second value refers to the direction of the dispersion in the spectra

Exposure Time:


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Spectral Format
Expected Counts
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Input Spectrum
Maximum Intensity
Details of Image Quality Calculations (only for pointsources)

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