The large format MUSE detector

One of the 24 16-million pixel detectors to be used in the Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (MUSE) second generation instrument for ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT). MUSE is an innovative 3D spectrograph with a wide field of view, providing simultaneous spectra of numerous adjacent regions in the sky. Such spectrographs are efficient explorers of the Universe in three dimensions (two for the sky positions, and one for the wavelengths). Poised to become a unique and powerful tool for discovering objects that cannot be found in imaging surveys, MUSE, which is based on a number of technological developments, is bringing these advantages to a level never achieved before.

MUSE combines 24 spectrographs in order to be able to probe a field of view as large as possible. High optical efficiency is maintained with image slicers, a new technology, and MUSE is using the largest image slicers ever used in astronomy. Each spectrograph is equipped with 4000 x 4000 pixel detectors — the largest detectors used at ESO so far.

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