ESO and Irish Research Council sign studentship programme agreement

This image shows Peter Brown, Director of the Irish Research Council (IRC), and Xavier Barcons, ESO Director General, signing an agreement on 5 June 2019 initiating a new studentship programme for Ireland-based PhD students. The programme offers PhD students conducting research in astronomy or a related field at an eligible Irish higher education institute the opportunity to apply for a one- or two-year long studentship at one of ESO's facilities. Successful applicants will be funded by the IRC, and will benefit from working under the co-supervision of an ESO staff astronomer as well as their supervisor from their home institution. Ireland is the most recent of ESO's 16 member states, with the accession agreement having been signed on 26 September 2018. This studentship programme will enhance Ireland's involvement in ESO, facilitating Irish astronomers both to contribute to and benefit from membership of this large international astronomy organisation.

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