SINFONI observations of the young starforming galaxies BX 404/405

The distant galaxy pair BX 404/405, as recorded in the K-band (wavelength 2 µm, centered on the redshifted H-alpha line), without AO-correction because of the lack of a nearby, sufficiently bright "guide" star. The width of each slitlet was 0.25 arcsec and the seeing about 0.6 arcsec. The integration time on the galaxy was 2 hours "on-source". The image shown has been reconstructed by combining all of the spectral elements around the H-alpha spectral line. The spectrum of BX 405 (upper right) clearly reveals signs of a velocity shear while that of BX 404 does not. This may be a sign of rotation, a possible signature of a young disc in this galaxy.

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Data e Publikimit:24 Gusht 2004
Publikime të ngjashme:eso0426
Përmasat:935 x 599 px

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Emri:BX 404/405
Tipi:Early Universe : Galaxy

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2.0 μmVery Large Telescope