GRB 060505

Three-colour image (B, V, and R-band) of the gamma-ray burst observed on 5 May 2006, GRB 060505, with FORS on the VLT. The galaxy is a spiral galaxy at a distance of 1300 million light-years. The yellow arrow on the zoomed-in image (ESO Press Photo eso0649) shows where the star exploded, namely in a star-forming region in one of the spiral arms of the galaxy.

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Data e Publikimit:20 Dhjetor 2006
Publikime të ngjashme:eso0649
Përmasat:300 x 284 px

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Emri:Gamma-ray burst, GRB 060505
Tipi:Early Universe : Cosmology : Phenomenon : Gamma Ray Burst
Unspecified : Galaxy : Type : Spiral
Distanca:z=0.089 (zhvendosja e kuqe)

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