SEST and ESO 3.6-m Telescope UHD time-lapse of La Silla

The stars are seen reflected in the now decommissioned Swedish-ESO Submillimetre Telescope (SEST) in this UHD time-lapse taken during the ESO Ultra High Definition Expedition. The ESO 3.6-metre telescope can be seen in the background. A rare cloudscape over the site makes for a dramatic seen in this video.

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Y. Beletsky (LCO)/ESO

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Data e Publikimit:Maj 9, 2014, 18:10 CEST
Kohëzgjatja:32 s
Frame rate:30 fps

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Emri:ESO 3.6-metre telescope, Swedish–ESO Submillimetre Telescope
Tipi:Unspecified : Technology : Observatory : Telescope
Kategori:La Silla

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