Competition: Paranal Rocks!
Which is the fake stone?
In a scene from the James Bond movie "Quantum of Solace" which was shot at Paranal, James Bond and Camille had to hide behind rocks in the desert landscape (see the video on

The rocks that were already there weren't quite right for the production team, so they brought some amazingly detailed fake ones with them! The fake rocks were so realistic that we thought we'd challenge you to tell them apart from the real ones...

On the right, you can see two photos of rocks at Paranal. One is a fake, and one is a genuine rock from the Atacama Desert. (click on the image to view a larger version)

But which is which?

Our competition is now closed. Thank you to the very many who have entered the competition. It seems that it was very hard to decide as the number of answers is evenly distributed! We will shortly put here the solution and the name of the happy winners of a set of ESO astronomical posters.
Do you know which is the FAKE stone?