Did you hear about the conflict between Chile and Bolivia?
BB: We don't know about the conflict. This is not a political film; this is a fantasy film and an adventure film. We are not dealing with any political conflicts at all. We come here because it is beautiful; we have been very welcomed here and we are grateful to everyone for this great experience. Paranal is a very spectacular place; when we came here we said: This is a James Bond location! That's what we respond to. The international audiences will see the beauty of this country and I think this is good for Chilean tourism too because we will tell people that we were in Chile.
What is different about this movie compared to all other Bond movies?
MF: It is hard for me to say why anyone should see the movie; I am the worst salesman for it - even though I think you should see all my movies! (laughs)... I find the journey that started in Casino Royale very interesting. Bond has imperfections; Daniel brought to the role the inner life of the character. To me this was the beginning of a fascinating journey inside of Bond, with lots of psychological aspects to it. Audiences today can identify better with Bond; we all struggle with the same things.
Press Conference with
Marc Forster (MF), director, and
Barbara Broccoli (BB) and Michael Wilson (MW), producers, of
the James Bond movie, QUANTUM OF SOLACE.
Who chose Daniel Craig for the part?
BB: Daniel is an extraordinary actor and he is very handsome. Women find him sexy and men would like to be him too. He was always the number one for us and we were very happy when he agreed to do it. You see the success he has brought to Casino Royale.
How do you feel about the movie so far?
MF: This is the first day of filming in Chile. We have shot about half of the film in various locations, now I think the movie is turning very special and I feel very good about it.
Ms. Broccoli, your father was the mythical Bond producer...
BB: He was an extraordinary filmmaker and an extraordinary man, so it is very daunting walking in his footsteps. My brother Michael worked with my father before; he was a great teacher and we learnt a lot from him. We draw experience from him every day and hopefully he'll be very proud.