B68, the black cloud

This photograph shows an unusual sky field in the Milky Way band. It is centred on one of the classical, dark globules, known as Barnard 68 (B68) after the American astronomer, Edward E. Barnard (1857 - 1923), who included it in a list of such objects, published in 1919. It appears as a compact, opaque and rather sharply defined object against a rich, background star field. Even on this image that registers many faint stars in the area, not a single foreground star is observed. This is a clear sign that this globule must be relatively nearby. Interstellar clouds consist of gas and dust, including many molecules, some of which contain carbon atoms (i.e. organic). For a long time considered to be "holes in the sky", molecular clouds are now known to be among the coolest objects in the Universe (the temperature is approx. 10 K, or -263 °C). Moreover, and most importantly, they are nurseries of stars and planets. It still remains a mystery how a dark cloud like Barnard 68 at some moment begins to contract and subsequently transforms itself into hydrogen-burning stars. However, deep images of these clouds, such as this one obtained by FORS1 on VLT ANTU, may provide important clues. This small cloud seems to be in its very earliest phase of collapse. It has a diameter of only 7 light-months (approx. 0.2 pc) and it is located at a distance of about 500 light-years (160 pc) towards the southern constellation Ophiuchus (The Serpent-holder). This three-colour composite was reproduced from one blue (B), one green-yellow (V) and one near-infrared (I) exposure that were obtained with VLT ANTU and FORS1 in the early morning of March 27, 1999. The field measures 6.8x6.8 arcmin 2. The image consists of 2048x2048 pixels, each measuring 0.20 arcsec; the "Full Resolution" version of the photo shows all of these. North is up and East is to the left. (See also ESO Press Release eso0102.)



Sobre la imagen

Fecha de publicación:30 de Abril de 1999
Noticias relacionadas:eso9924
Tamaño:1955 x 1953 px

Sobre el objeto

Nombre:B 68, Barnard 68, LDN 57
Tipo:Milky Way : Nebula : Appearance : Dark : Bok Globule
Distancia:500 años luz

Formatos de imagen

JPEG grande
2,4 MB

Fondo de pantalla

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Position (RA):17 22 38.23
Position (Dec):-23° 49' 34.69"
Field of view:6.53 x 6.52 arcminutes
Orientación:El norte está a 0.1° a la derecha de la vertical

Colores y filtros

BandaLongitud de ondaTelescopio
445 nmVery Large Telescope
547 nmVery Large Telescope
806 nmVery Large Telescope


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