Hyakutake Images by Andreas Rodoschegg

These images of Comet Hyakutake were made by Andreas Rodoschegg, Munich Public Observatory (Volkssternwarte), from a site near Bayrischzell/Sudelfeld in the Bavarian Alps.

The colour photo [GIF,184k] was obtained on 24 March at 02:00 UT with a 5.6/50 mm objective (10 min on hypered Fuji SG 800). A smaller version is also available ( [GIF,51k] ).

He also made two drawings, just after the exposure of the colour photo. The first shows the head and tails [GIF,256k] (also in smaller version ( [GIF,64k] ). The second shows the close-up of the head [GIF,224k] (also in smaller version ( [GIF,57k] ).

These images may be reproduced, if credit is given to the European Southern Observatory and Andreas Rodoschegg (Munich Public Observatory).