ESO Video News Reel about Hyakutake

Dust Jets (ESO NTT Image)


FOR BROADCASTERS: A 5 Min Comet Hyakutake Video (7 March 1996)

In preparation of the upcoming Comet Hyakutake event which begins with a close approach to the Earth two weeks from now, ESO is producing a video news reel (duration: approx. 5-min).

It will contain the latest pictures of the comet, specially prepared animations and background material on comets in general. The tape will be without soundtrack, and will be accompanied by a written text (in English).

The video tape will be ready in Beta-SP or MII formats on March 15, 1996 .

Upon receipt of a corresponding request from broadcasters in the ESO members countries, Portugal and Chile, ESO will provide one copy in the desired format, free of charge. The tape may also be provided to broadcasters outside this area, but at cost. It may be used freely for coverage of this event.

To obtain a video tape, please send a fax with your request to the ESO EPR Dept., Att.: Claus Madsen, Karl-Schwarzschild-Strasse 2, D-85748 Garching, Germany , Fax: +0049-89-3202362 .

The tapes will be forwarded by courier on March 15, 1996.