Solar Eclipse 2019 FAQ

Is there any transportation between La Serena and La Silla observatory main Gate?

There is no public transport between La Serena and La Silla, so you have to arrange your own transportation. ESO only provides transportation (shuttles) between La Silla main gate (Camp Pelicano) and the area of the event at La Silla observatory.

What is the ticket I should present at the main entrance of La Silla Observatory (Pelicano Gate)?

You will have to present the confirmation order of the ticket purchase; this is your ticket for the event. Remember that every participant should have his/her own ticket. 

Is there any cellphone or internet coverage at La Silla Observatory?

Due to its remote location, cell phone and internet (3G) coverage is very limited at La Silla Observatory. Moreover, considering the number of people attending the event, it is very unlikely that cell phone coverage and internet will be available that day.