For ticketholders

The solar eclipse tickets are sold out. La Silla is a working observatory where astronomers perform observations every night, and therefore we can only welcome a limited number of people.

One ticket per person is necessary.

The tickets include transport from the foot of the La Silla mountain up to the Observatory, eclipse glasses and access to all on-site events and activities. Ticket were sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

With a La Silla Solar Total Eclipse ticket you will:

  • Get a chance to witness the eclipse from La Silla mountain in the Atacama Desert, one of the driest places in the world (if the weather allows it);
  • Have access to visit ESO’s La Silla Observatory;
  • Have transportation by bus from the observatory’s main gate (Camp Pelícano) to La Silla mountain top (about 30 minutes) and back right after the eclipse;
  • Participate in the programme of the day, which will include tours of the observatory and other activities;
  • Receive ESO glasses with special solar filters to see the eclipse.

Credit: P. Horálek/ESO

Please carefully read the “Important Information for Visitors” section.


For ticket-holders tickets will be refunded only if the event has to be cancelled because of a force majeure situation, such as strongly adverse meteorological conditions, natural disasters, and any other event which may compromise people’s safety.

In any of these cases, the observatory has the authority to cancel the event and deny the access to visitors at La Silla Main Gate (Camp Pelícano). Please understand that in such cases ESO will not reimburse any accommodation, travel or other expenses.

In any of these cases, updates will be swiftly provided on this website as well as through ESO’s social media. Please, make sure that you regularly check any of these channels during the days prior to the eclipse.

Tickets will not be refunded due to weather conditions which may impair the view of the eclipse, such as clouds (for statistics, see "The Weather" section).