Competition 2: Tweet Your Way to the VLT!

Update: The competitions are now closed. The list of winners can be found at the bottom of this page.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Do you want to visit ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile? Tweet us why, and you could Tweet Your Way to the VLT! Win a trip to visit the Paranal Observatory, home of the VLT, and be the one who observes the selected object from our competition “Choose What the VLT Observes”. You can enter both competitions, so let’s get started.

All you have to do is follow @ESO on Twitter and send us a tweet telling us why we should pick you. Your tweet must be written in an official language of an ESO Member State. The recommended format is “I’d visit @ESO because”, or the equivalent in your chosen language. No matter which format you use in the end, tweets MUST include “@ESO”.

You can send us more than one tweet from your account, but each one must be a self-contained entry, and identical tweets will not increase your chances of winning! Read the rules for more information.

The winner will fly to the VLT in the Chilean Atacama Desert, visit the Paranal Observatory, and participate in the anniversary observations. All flights, accommodation and necessary expenses will be covered.

Note that:

  • You must tweet before 31 August 2012 at 23:59:59 CEST time. Check your time zone here.
  • You must be over the age of 18, and available to travel to Chile on 1–8 October 2012 (the dates are fixed).
  • You must be able to obtain the required documentation (passport, visa) to enter Chile.
  • You must follow @ESO on Twitter so that we can send you a direct private message if you are a winner.

The detailed rules are available here.


Winner of trip to Paranal Observatory:

  • Brigitte Bailleul, France — I'd visit @ESO because I'm proud that Europe had the vision to build and to operate these telescopes! #ESO50years

Winners of ESO products:

  • Ana Sofia Paulino Afonso, Portugal — I'd visit @ESO because I'm 1,57m and I can't be an astronaut. So, this can be my best shot to peer the universe in all its splendor :)
  • Francois Andre, France — Je voudrais visiter l' @ESO car si je me FORS1 MIDI à eCRIRES pour un VISIR une SINFONI aux couleurs de FLAMES, HAWK ce sera beau.
  • Anke Arentsen, The Netherlands — I'd visit @ESO because in my study of astronomy I always hear "This picture was taken by the VLT", and I'd love to say "I have been there!"
  • Eric Arjen Barnard, The Netherlands — I'd visit @ESO to experience what scientific curiosity, cooperation and determination can lead to and share the experience back home
  • Alfredo Biagini, Italy — I'd visit @ESO because I love astronomy and I want to study astrophysics at university in order to become a scientist like you!!! Please...!
  • Zach Bowser, USA — I’d visit @ESO because I've been fascinated with space since I had a telescope as a kid. To see how the pros do it would be a amazing exp!
  • Heike Marianne Chaar, Germany — I'd visit @ESO because I need to fire my children up with this realy cool story, to raise up future astrophysicists.
  • Robby Desmond, USA — To reclaim part of my childhood astrophysics dream, I'd visit @ESO and see that ancient light in the southern skies.
  • Carolina Almeida Duarte, Portugal — It is one of the best ever built, an inspiration for the pursuit of knowledge.@ESO is where there are no boundaries,it’s where I want to be.
  • Alexander Eigenraam, The Netherlands — I'd visit @ESO to be inspired by the great technological things we can achieve and natural discoveries we can make when nations cooperate
  • Anne Grudzien, Germany — Je voudrais visiter l' @ESO car je rêve de faire mon baptême de l'observation au télescope de l'espace lointain dans un endroit si magique
  • Carsten Krege, Germany — I'd visit @ESO because it is the spearhead of ground based astronomy. One cannot be prouder that this is an European project
  • Alberto Milani, Italy — I’d visit @ESO because I got sixth in the ESO Hidden Treasure competition!
  • Alexandra Neumann, Germany —
    Why I dream of visiting @ESO
    Because it's an
    * E * xtraordinary
    * S * targazing
    * O * nce-in-a-lifetime opportunity
    A journey to heaven
  • Eico Neumann, Germany — I’d visit @ESO because where on earth can you come so close to being among the stars?
  • Jimit Rajesh Sanghvi, Finland — I'd visit @ESO as the #VLT is located at such a location where night feels like a planetarium ! I wish to see that live planetarium.
  • Remco Timmermans, The Netherlands — J'aimerais visiter @ESO pour être le plus proche des étoiles possible sans combinaison spatiale. #eso50years
  • Servé Vaessen, The Netherlands — I'd visit @ESO because Paranal is the best place in the world to reach for the stars
  • Mónica Rossana Merino Vega, Chile — I'd visit @ESO because I want to enjoy the beauties of our universe through ESO's magnificent eyes!
  • Marco Francesco Mauro Zambianchi, Italy — I’d visit @ESO because I'm eager to tell how observatories are our gateway to the stars and our eyes on the quest for our origins