Planetarium Show: Water — A Cosmic Adventure

A planetarium show, created by the Association des Planétariums de Langue Française (APLF) in collaboration with Hamburg Planetarium and the European Southern Observatory (ESO) celebrates our relationship with water and the cosmos.

Join astrophysicist Eva Luna as she explores the turbulent origins of hydrogen and oxygen in the Universe and discover how they combined to form one of the most essential molecules on Earth, H2O. The backbone of life as we know it.

Thanks to realistic 3D animations and breathtaking live footage this story takes you on a journey to the Atacama Desert in Chile, where ESO’s ground-breaking telescopes assist in the search for new planets containing this essential molecule. Where there is water, there can be life....


25 September 2012 at Planetarium Hamburg, Germany
Gearing up to ESO’s 50th Anniversary on October 5th, the Premiere of the APLF-Planetarium show "Water — A Cosmic Adventure" (German title: "Der Stoff der von den Sternen kam"), produced in collaboration with ESO and Planetarium Hamburg, took place already on 25 September at Planetarium Hamburg, Germany. The show was presented by Thomas Kraupe, president elect of the International Planetarium Society, with astronomers and planetarium directors from all over Germany present. The show was introduced by a live-link to ESO Head of Outreach Lars Lindberg Christensen and Prof. Agnes Acker on behalf of APLF, highlighting this very successful international collaborative production. The unique combination of real fulldome-footage with actors, using the new Red Epic 5k camera at ESO's Paranal Observatory and the state-of-the-art computer animations created by MasterFilms in Toulouse — along with beautiful music and the wonderful voice of "Water" telling its own story, made a strong impression on the guests at this launch event in Hamburg. The show is now playing on the regular daily schedule — also in other German theaters like for instance Osnabrück, using the German soundtrack provided by Planetarium Hamburg.

5 October 2012 in the Astralia Planetarium at La Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse, France
The Show was launched in front of 520 visitors, and the presence of Norbert Hubin (ESO, Garching), Didier GrosJean and colleagues from MasterFilms, and Julien Jaouen, music compositor of the Show. In addition, the visitors were invited to discover the ESO exhibition, the "cloud chamber" devoted to cosmic rays, and to follow talks on astrophysics, cosmology, and planetology done by Toulouse researchers. The very user-friendly environment with Space 149 and the bar of Astralia, allowed for an excellent evening very rich in meetings and pleasure of discovery.

Trailer for APLF planetarium show on water in the cosmos (English version)

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Water: A Cosmic Adventure (Full Show in English)

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APLF Trailer (French version)

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APLF Trailer (German version)

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