Astronomy Education & Public Outreach: the European perspective — An ASTRONET Workshop


17-18 June, 2013

The mission of ASTRONET — Coordinating strategic planning for European Astronomy, a network supported by the European Commission, is to establish a strategic planning mechanism for all of European astronomy for the next 5–25 years. An important part of ASTRONET is Education, Public Outreach and Training, coordinated by the Task 5.3 Working Group, which has the aim to do an implementation plan for the 10 ASTRONET recommendation (pages 93–105 of the ASTRONET Roadmap).

This workshop includes Working Group members as well as international experts on astronomy education and outreach, and has the purpose to gather information and evaluations on the European perspective on astronomy EPO, to enable the definition of European priorities concerning future astronomy EPO infrastructure. Some of the questions we hope to address are:

  • Which EPO activities need support at the European level?
  • How can the EU help to leverage national EPO resources
  • How can we best share best practice examples, as well as EPO material?