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Into the Invisible with ISAAC

26. janúar 1999

The present video clip contains some scenes, just published on ESO Video News Reel no. 3 - "Into the Invisible with ISAAC" and based on recent footage from the Paranal Observatory.

The sequences were obtained in early December 1998 and they illustrate the work around ESO's new multi-mode Infrared Spectrometer And Array Camera (ISAAC) at the VLT, soon after the installation at the telescope. This clip also includes some of the astronomical images issued in connection with the "ISAAC First Light Event", cf. eso9819.

The clip is available in three versions: two MPEG files of different size, compression rate and screen size, and one streamer-version that requires RealPlayer software.

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Fréttatilkynning nr.:eso9904
Legacy ID:Video 01/99
Nafn:Instrumentation, ISAAC
Tegund:Unspecified : Technology : Observatory : Instrument
Facility:Very Large Telescope


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