Sunset at La Silla

From the long eastward shadows of the telescopes in this Picture of the Week we can see that it’s almost the beginning of a long night shift of stargazing for the telescopes at ESO’s La Silla Observatory. In the foreground of this picture is the BlackGEM array, designed to hunt for the visible light of gravitational wave sources. If you then follow the road up to the summit of La Silla you will pass several ESO telescopes including the 1-metre Schmidt telescope and the New Technology Telescope, until you finally reach the 3.6-metre telescope at the top, home to the HARPS planet hunter.

La Silla mountain is ideally situated for an observatory as its isolated location means there is very little light pollution. It is also in Chile’s extremely dry Atacama desert at an altitude of 2400 metres, meaning there’s hardly ever a cloud in the sky and almost every day boasts clear blue skies as can be seen in this picture.


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