Sticker: Gravitational Lensing

The image is a colour composite image of the galaxy cluster CL2244-02 (redshift z = 0.3), combining a 20 min jittered ISAAC Ks (2.16µm) exposure with 15 min V (green-yellow) and R (red) exposures, obtained with the VLT Test Camera at the UT1 Nasmyth focus. In addition to the prominent blue arc, produced by gravitational lensing of a galaxy at redshift z = 2.24, there are also notable, very red arcs, both closer to the centre and further out. They were only detected in the infrared image and are probably due to lensing of a much more distant galaxy.

The full resolution image used in this sticker can be viewed and downloaded here.

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Data di pubblicazione:Giovedì 25 Novembre 2010 10:51


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