VLT Mirror Transport

This video sequences were obtained from December 6 to December 9, 1997, and show:

  • Arrival of M/S Tarpon Santiago in the port of Antofagasta.
  • Unloading the Transport Box with the M1 mirror.
  • Convoy moves through the city of Antofagasta.
  • Exit from the city of Antofagasta.
  • Along the Panamericana Highway.
  • Turn-off at the `Old Panamericana' and into the Atacama desert. Caterpillars prepare the road ahead of the convoy.
  • Proceeding on the newly renovated road near the turn-off to the Paranal Observatory.
  • Ascending the steeper access road. Arrival at the base camp - in front of the Mirror Maintenance Building.



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Data di pubblicazione:Lunedì 14 Giugno 2010 11:07
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Durata:05 m 05 s
Frame rate:30 fps

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Nome:Mirror, Santiago, Very Large Telescope
Tipo:Local Universe : Technology


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