Comet Hyakutake: Information from ESO

Dust Jets (ESO NTT Image)


Information from ESO

Comet Hyakutake - Final Update (August 3, 1996) (Current appearance; Orbit and ephemeris; Composition; X-ray observations of comets; Possible meteor showers; Publication of Hyakutake results).
Comet Hyakutake - Update (May 11, 1996) (New orbit and ephemeris; Urgent call for astrometry; SOHO images - anti-tail now seen; More X-ray observations).
Comet Hyakutake - Update (April 30, 1996) (The perihelion passage; Brightness and tail development; The X-ray mystery; Spectral observations; Who has April 9 images?).
Comet Hyakutake - Update (April 10, 1996) (Ephemeris and observing conditions at perihelion; Ultraviolet spectra with the HST; Polarimetry; Variations in dust and gas production; Statement by Yuji Hyakutake).
Comet Hyakutake - Update (April 4, 1996) (X-rays; moon eclipse; Gas and dust production; HST observations continue).
An ESO Spectrum of Comet Hyakutake (March 28).
Comet Hyakutake - Update (April 1, 1996) (moon eclipse; fragments, jets and shells; size and rotation of the nucleus; spectroscopy).
Comet Hyakutake - Update (March 28, 1996) (radar contact, HST images, brightness and tail length, IUE observations).
Comet Hyakutake - Update (March 26, 1996)
Comet Hyakutake - Update (March 25, 1996)
Comet Hyakutake - Update (March 22, 1996)
NTT Observations of Comet Hyakutake (March 20, 1996).
Comet Hyakutake - Some Comments (March 12, 1996)
ESO Video News Reel (for broadcasters) available on March 15.
ESO Press Release 06/96 (16 February 1996) : Comet Hyakutake to Approach the Earth in Late March 1996: Astronomers Prepare for a Rare Event.