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11 May 2017

Steven Wilson visits Paranal and ALMA Observatories

Steven Wilson, British musician and record producer, visited the Paranal and ALMA Observatories to shoot video footage for a song from his forthcoming album “To the Bone”.

At ESO’s Paranal Observatory, he was received by the ESO astronomer, Fernando Selman, and ESO Communications Specialist, Simon Lowery. As they showed the artist the premises, they explained the work carried out there and the astronomical advantages of being located at such dry, high-altitudes.

Wilson was joined by the photographer and film producer Lasse Hoile. Together, they filmed in and around ALMA, Paranal, and other locations across the Atacama desert.

The musician also visited Cerro Armazones in time to see the levelled mountaintop before construction begins on ESO’s forthcoming Extremely Large Telescope.

Wilson was impressed, not only by the locations he visited but also the warm and friendly reception he received from the ESO and ALMA staff.

The new album is set for release in August, followed by the video, which will include footage of ESO/ALMA sites.

More pictures are available here: stars1701b, stars1701c, stars1701d, stars1701e

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