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7 June 2018

Tony Levin at Paranal and ALMA

Legendary Bass player Tony Levin recently visited ESO’s telescopes at Paranal and ALMA as part of a visitor group which included Steven Rothery from Marillion, Rick Armstrong and comedian Russell Peters. Together with Rick and Steven, the group played a few songs on Paranal and ALMA for the local staff before being shown around the respective sites.

Tony, a keen photographer, decided to use the occasion to take some pictures of the incredible landscapes the and of course, the southern sky at night which he then turned in to this stunning piece of music and video.

"Seeing the stars and the arrays at the ESO sites in Chile was so inspiring to me, I was moved to write music to accompany my pictures. Then, wanting to share it all, I fashioned a video of the still shots, and finished writing the music that began to run though my head as I watched the heavens. An incomparable experience.", said Tony.

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