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30 May 2018

Glowing brightly about 160 000 light-years away, the Tarantula Nebula is the most spectacular feature of the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy to our Milky Way. The VLT Survey Telescope at ESO’s Paranal Observatory in Chile has imaged this region and its rich surroundings in exquisite detail. It reveals a cosmic landscape of star clusters, glowing gas clouds and the scattered remains of supernova explosions. This is the sharpest image ever of this entire field.

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30 May 2018

  ESO Announcements

ESO’s Very Large Telescope Celebrates 20 Years of Remarkable Science

25 May 2018: ESO’s Very Large Telescope, the flagship facility for European ground-based astronomy, celebrates its 20th anniversary today. The first of the VLT’s Unit Telescopes saw first light on 25 ...

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Discover your Place in Space at the ESO Supernova — Astronomy and art combine in Hubble-inspired travelling exhibition

17 May 2018: From 17 May to 2 September 2018, the ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor Centre will display it’s first temporary exhibition — Our Place in Space. This small free-of-charge showcase of ...

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HARPS Sees Sunshine for the First Time

17 May 2018: In April 2018, a team composed of scientists and engineers from the Geneva Observatory and ESO were at the La Silla Observatory to commission HELIOS (HARPS Experiment for Light Integrated ...

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It’s Full of Stars — Henri Boffin on ESO’s collaboration in the Gaia mission

Interview with: Henri Boffin

25 May 2018: Mapping the sky has been one of humanity's quests since the dawn of time, and ESA’s Gaia satellite is taking our understanding of our stellar neighbourhood to a whole new ...

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Boy Scouts Into The Unknown — Jan Doornenbal on ESO’s pioneering site testing in South Africa

Interview with: Jan Doornenbal

18 May 2018: Back in the 1960s, when ESO was merely an idea, a group of intrepid pioneers set off for South Africa. Their aim was to work out the best place to ...

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28 May 2018
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