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9 December 2015

The spectacular aftermath of a 360 million year old cosmic collision is revealed in great detail in new images from ESO’s Very Large Telescope at the Paranal Observatory. Among the debris is a rare and mysterious young dwarf galaxy. This galaxy is providing astronomers with an excellent opportunity to learn more about similar galaxies that are expected to be common in the early Universe, but are normally too faint and distant to be observed by current telescopes.

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9 December 2015

  ESO Announcements

ESOcast 79: 20 Years of Exoplanets

8 December 2015: Not a single confirmed planet outside the Solar System had been detected before the year 1990. But, remarkably, we now know of thousands and have studied many in surprising detail ...

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De Zeeuw–Van Dishoeck Graduation Prize Awarded to Sebastiaan Haffert

1 December 2015: The De Zeeuw–Van Dishoeck Graduation Prize for Astronomy, established to encourage young talent in astronomy in the Netherlands, has been awarded to Sebastiaan Haffert of the University of Leiden ...

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Science in School: Issue 34 now available

30 November 2015: The latest issue of the free magazine, Science in School, is now available online and in printed form. This European journal for science teachers offers inspiring articles, fun games and ...

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Laser Guide Star Units Accepted and Shipped to Chile — Four Laser Guide Star Facility passes key milestone

27 November 2015: All four laser guide star units that form the Four Laser Guide Star Facility — a core part of the Adaptive Optics Facility (AOF) for ESO’s Very Large Telescope — have ...

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30 November 2015
Starbirth over ALMA

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