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5 July 2017

ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) has captured a magnificent face-on view of the barred spiral galaxy Messier 77. The image does justice to the galaxy’s beauty, showcasing its glittering arms criss-crossed with dust lanes — but it fails to betray Messier 77’s turbulent nature.

The release, images and videos are available on:

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5 July 2017

  ESO Announcements

Planetarium News

4 July 2017: As the construction of the ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor Centre here in Garching continues apace, ready for its opening in Spring 2018, ESO continues to make an unprecedented range ...

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Astronomers Build the Most Advanced Observatory in the World from LEGO®

29 June 2017: It took some of the brightest minds in science and technology to build ESO’s Paranal Observatory in Chile, one of the largest and most sophisticated telescope facilities in the ...

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ELT Primary Mirror Prepares to Flex its Muscles

19 June 2017: ESO has signed a contract with the German company Physik Instrumente GmbH & Co. KG, based in Karlsruhe, to construct the position actuators (PACTs) that will adjust the positions of ...

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Red Dots: The Live Search for Terrestrial Planets around Proxima Centauri Continues — ESO Joins Open Notebook Science Experiment

19 June 2017: The team behind the Pale Red Dot campaign, who last year discovered a planet around the closest star to our Sun (eso1629), are resuming their search for Earth-like planets and ...

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ESOcast 112: Catching Starlight

16 June 2017: Capturing and recording the (often very faint) light from the heavens has always been an essential aspect of astronomy. The very first astronomical “detector” was, of course, the unaided human ...

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Winner of Summer AstroCamp 2017 Bursary Announced

15 June 2017: The winner of the AstroCamp 2017 bursary offered by ESO has now been selected from almost 100 applications from about a dozen countries. ESO is delighted to announce that Eva ...

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Science in School: Issue 40 Now Available

15 June 2017: The latest issue of the free magazine Science in School is now available online and in printed form. This European journal for science teachers offers up-to-date information on cutting-edge science ...

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3 July 2017
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