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July 2018

Dear Fellow Communicators,

We are excited to announce our outreach campaign for the La Silla Total Solar Eclipse in 2019! We have prepared a series of activities on site in Chile and online that will allow you to enjoy this fantastic natural phenomenon.

On 13 July we opened the sale of tickets for the 300 available places to view the eclipse from ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile. They disappeared surprisingly fast, but if you did not manage to get a ticket, we have a few other opportunities for you:

  • On the occasion of the eclipse, we are organising the second #MeetESO social media gathering. Several lucky social media enthusiasts will get free entrance tickets to La Silla Observatory to witness the Total Solar Eclipse — #LaSillaTSE.

  • If you are a national of an ESO Member State, you can win a trip to La Silla to witness the total solar eclipse.

  • Media representatives can apply for the limited number of free media passes at La Silla Observatory.

  • ESO will offer a number of Chilean students and elderly people the unique opportunity to witness the total solar eclipse from La Silla for free.

  • We plan to stream the event online and host events in locations throughout Europe, including the ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor Centre in Garching bei München, Germany.

We plan to issues calls for each of these activities, so follow our dedicated webpage, subscribe to our newsletter and look for our messages on social media via #LaSillaTSE.

While we are talking about eclipses: If you are based in Munich, we invite you to witness the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century. Come to the ESO Supernova on 27 July and take part in our dedicated activities. Check out availability and book your tickets.

Let’s reach new heights in astronomy together!

Lars Lindberg Christensen (
Head, ESO education and Public Outreach Department (ePOD)

  ESO Announcements

Live Broadcast from ESO Announcing News from the Heart of the Milky Way

24 July 2018: ESO will hold a press conference on 26 July 2018 at its Headquarters in Garching, Germany, to present unique observations of the centre of the Milky Way and their significance ...

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Captivating new programme at the ESO Supernova — Exciting new range of planetarium shows and events available from July

11 July 2018: Over the past months, the ESO Supernova team has been preparing an amazing new programme of exciting events and shows for our Planetarium & Visitor centre. We are delighted to ...

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The Messenger No. 172 Now Available

29 June 2018: The latest edition of ESO's quarterly journal, The Messenger, is now available online. Find out the latest news from ESO on topics ranging from new instruments to the latest ...

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Science in School: Issue 44 now available

26 June 2018: The latest issue of the free magazine Science in School is now available online and in print. This European journal for science teachers offers up-to-date information on cutting-edge science, teaching ...

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AstroCamera 2018 winners announced

19 June 2018: The winners of this year’s AstroCamera competition have been announced. Polish astrophotographer Andrzej Fijołek is the winner in the Deep Sky Objects category for his spellbinding image of the ...

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Pinpointing the Source — Paolo Padovani talks about the first discovery of a distant source of high energy neutrinos

Interview with: Paolo Padovani

12 July 2018: In the ice of Antarctica, a detector went off. It found a neutrino — a tiny, nearly massless particle. Observatories were notified and scientists began monitoring the area. They soon ...

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20 Years of Science at Paranal — The past, present and future of the Paranal Observatory

Interview with: Steffen Mieske

6 July 2018: Since the Paranal Observatory opened in May 1998, it has become one of the most productive observatories in the world. The observatory houses the Very Large Telescope (VLT), ESO’s premier ...

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Hunting for Other Worlds — ESO Fellow Matias Jones tells us about ESO’s search for exoplanets

Interview with: Matias Jones

29 June 2018: Ever since the first detection of a planet orbiting a pulsar in 1992, astronomers have been keenly searching for more, driven by perhaps the most profound question for humanity: is ...

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A SINFONI of Exoplanets — Astronomer Jens Hoeijmakers on how to peer into the atmospheres of distant worlds

Interview with: Jens Hoeijmakers

22 June 2018: Exoplanets have fast become a huge research area and astronomers are now trying to study their atmospheres. The possibility of finding an exoplanet with an atmosphere that may be able ...

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ESOcast 172 Light: Supersharp Images from New VLT Adaptive Optics (4K UHD)

18 July 2018: ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) has achieved first light with a new adaptive optics mode called laser tomography — and has captured remarkably sharp test images of the planet Neptune, ...

ESOcast 171 Light: Colourful Celestial Landscape (4K UHD)

11 July 2018: New observations with ESO’s Very Large Telescope have revealed the star cluster RCW 38 in all its glory. These observations was taken during testing of the HAWK-I camera with the ...

ESOcast 170: All you need to know about total solar eclipse 2019

4 July 2018: Spanish version is available here ( ESOcast 170: Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre el eclipse solar total de 2019.

ESOcast 169 Light: First Confirmed Image of Newborn Planet (4K UHD)

2 July 2018: Astronomers using the SPHERE instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope captured the first clear image of a planet caught in the act of forming in the dusty disc surrounding a ...

ESOcast 168: NEOs — Near Earth Objects

29 June 2018: Near Earth Objects (NEOs) are bodies in the Solar System with orbits that can bring them into close proximity with the Earth. Every day, many of these objects collide with ...

ESOcast 167: VLT sees `Oumuamua getting a boost

27 June 2018: Astronomers have found that ‘Oumuamua, the first interstellar object discovered in the Solar System, is moving away from the Sun faster than expected. Using data from ESO’s Very Large Telescope, ...

ESOcast 166 Light: New test of Einstein’s general relativity (4K UHD)

21 June 2018: Astronomers have made the most precise test ever of general relativity outside the Milky Way.

ESOcast 165: Fast Track Your Career with the ESO Fellowship Programmes

19 June 2018: Each year, several outstanding early-career scientists have the opportunity to further develop their independent research programmes at the European Southern Observatory. Fellowships are available both at ESO’s Headquarters in Garching ...

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20 - 31 August 2018: IAU General Assembly. Vienna, Austria.

24 - 29 June 2019: Starmus V event. Bern, Switzerland.

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