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Video News Reel for Broadcast Use

ESO has prepared a Video News Reel (VNR) about Astronomy On-Line. This VNR will be released by September 10, 1996, i.e. three weeks before the official kick-off date for Astronomy On-Line.

The VNR is available on request to ESO Education and Public Relations Dept. (Fax: +4989 3202362) in Beta SP and MII formats and contains a 3 min version (with music), a 30 sec version and some additional footage for individual use. There is an accompanying text. The tape is © ESO Education and Public Relations Dept. and may be used free of charge in connection with the Astronomy On-Line event.

In addition, the 3 min music version is available in VHS (PAL) for general promotional purposes by the National Steering Committees.

The cover for the videocasette is available here as a [GIF,168k] image.

Click on this image to see a 30-sec introductory video sequence about the Astronomy On-Line programme (MPEG, 784k).

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