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The European Southern Observatory (ESO) and the European Association for Astronomy Education (EAAE) welcome all students in European schools to this web-based programme . It takes place within the context of the European Week of Science and Technology (EWST) - 2002 .

List of Accepted Projects from France

This is where your project will be first be registered (team leader indicated in italics ) and - once you and your group have submitted a report on your chosen object that fulfills the conditions for this programme - your lottery number will also be shown.

Object Group Location Lottery
Sun Gérald Guillaume
Hélène Guillaume
Tarn/Labruguière 126
Europa (Jovian Moon) Paul-André Abila
Caroline Pey
Mathieu Palosse
Julien Salva
Saint Orens 124
Europa (Jovian Moon) Michel Faye
Constance Hassler
Juliette Neyton
Isabelle Picou
Paris 122
Comet Halley (P/Halley) Michel Faye
Constantino Listowski
Raphael Menager
Paul Panayotopoulos
Paris 027
Neptune Elodie Abecassis
Caroline Brun
Clémence Decq
Michel Faye
Paris 028
Magellanic Clouds Karim Atmani
Alexandre Barrat
Willie Drouhet
Michel Faye
Paris 032
Delta Cephei (HD 213306) Benjamin Baumann
Jean-Louis Labelle
Jean Petit
Guillaume Pardies
Condom 065
Io (Jovian Moon) Emmanuel Aubert
Jade Larroque
Ophélie Larroque
Jean Petit
Condom 063
Constellation Andromeda Audrey Domecq
Amandine Hornust
Stéphane Levignac
Jean Petit
Condom 064
Earth's Moon Francine Billard
Tristan Brassard
Pauline Domingos
Gwendoline Lagneau
Epernay 123
Interacting galaxies NGC 4038 and NGC 4039 Vanessa Ecarnot
Nicolas Esseiva
Violette Harnois
Laëtitia Viennet
Pontarlier 102
Sun Mohamed El Hachfa
Saïd Kherfi
Annie Saudry-Dreyer
Nabil Zeroua
Villeneuve la Garenne 044
Vega (Alpha Lyrae HD 172167) Martin Duflo
Francois Lecourt
Denis Leroutier
Kacim Mesbah
Le Havre 017
Mars Guillaume Ernault
Alexy George
Lucas Guerrier
Denis Leroutier
Le Havre 016
Jupiter Olubummi Ajani
Larry Couchy
David Guenee
Arthur Kang
Villeneuve-la-Garenne 077
Coma Berenices (C 1222+263) Marie Foliard
Justine Guittonny
Pauline Pistre
Saint Juery 055
Pluto Hervé Auffret
Matthieu Gueganno
Yann Quello
Sylvain Rio
Hennebont 131
Saturn's Rings Héloïse Méheut
Mr Sciuto
Neuilly sur Seine 107

The winners will be drawn on November 8, 2002 - with a live webcast.

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