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The European Southern Observatory (ESO) and the European Association for Astronomy Education (EAAE) welcome all students in European schools to this web-based programme . It takes place within the context of the European Week of Science and Technology (EWST) - 2002 .

List of Accepted Projects from Germany

This is where your project will be first be registered (team leader indicated in italics ) and - once you and your group have submitted a report on your chosen object that fulfills the conditions for this programme - your lottery number will also be shown.

Object Group Location Lottery
Orion Nebula (Messier 42) Michael Gradmann
Jakob Schelbert
Friedrich Volck
Alzenau 072
Open Cluster NGC 1960 (Messier 36) Daniel Linhart
Peter Stinner
Daniel Stock
Martin Urban
Wissen 015
Venus Fatma Akgül
Pia Krühner
Hannah Lenz
Jochim Lichtenberger
Kiel 085
Ring Nebula (Messier 57) Björn Beyersdorff
Franziska Klingberg
R. Schöfer
Anne Tappe
Oldenburg 098
Delta Cephei (HD 213306) Heinrich Kuypers
Fabian Mierbach
Tobias Nentwig
Viktoria Patzer
Leverkusen 018
Omega Nebula (Messier 17) Tobias Bönke
R. Schöfer
Tilo Sönke
Christian Wulff
Oldenburg 058
Earth's Moon Patrick Schmidt
Sven-Christian Sidenstein
Volker Voss
Wilnsdorf 130
Sanduleak Emanuel Krenz
Volker Voss
Wilnsdorf 120
Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis HD 39801) Matthias Krug
Cornelia Maske
Caroline Schmidt
Jenny Unger
Zeuthen 057
Eagle Nebula (Messier 16) Hildrun Bäzner-Zehender
Katja Gross
Janina Kümpflein
Johannes Reinhardt
Weil der Stadt 104

The winners will be drawn on November 8, 2002 - with a live webcast.

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