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The European Southern Observatory (ESO) and the European Association for Astronomy Education (EAAE) welcome all students in European schools to this web-based programme . It takes place within the context of the European Week of Science and Technology (EWST) - 2002 .

List of Accepted Projects from Italy

This is where your project will be first be registered (team leader indicated in italics ) and - once you and your group have submitted a report on your chosen object that fulfills the conditions for this programme - your lottery number will also be shown.

Object Group Location Lottery
Mars Maria Grazia Avagliano
Alessandra Paolillo
Benito Senatore
Maria Serra
Cava de' Tirreni (SA) 103
Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis HD 39801) Gianluca Ciracì
Mariangela Palumbo
Maria Serra
Cava de' Tirreni (SA) 081
Sirius (Alpha Canis Majoris HD 48915) Claudio Alccarino
Dario Avella
Alfonso Petrillo
Maria Serra
Cava de' Tirreni (SA) 048
Pleiades (Messier 45) Immacolata Canoro
Manuela Carusone
Ernesta De Masi
Serena Giordano
Cava de' Tirreni (SA) 105
Comet Hale-Bopp (C/1995 O1) Chiara D'Amico
Leandro Giordano
Antonio Roberto
Maria Serra
Cava de' Tirreni (SA) 086
Vega (Alpha Lyrae HD 172167) Christian Bongianni
Luigi Della Contrada
Valerio Lamorgese
Fabrizia Liberati
Roma 071
Constellation Ursa Minor Maria Pia Cedrini
Lorenzo Greco
Samuel Volponi
Giorgia Zia
Maccarese 109
Eta Carinae (HD 93308) Luciana Chiore
Luana Fogli
Giuseppe Laghezza
Martino Ponte
Martina Franca - Taranto 003

The winners will be drawn on November 8, 2002 - with a live webcast.

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