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The European Southern Observatory (ESO) and the European Association for Astronomy Education (EAAE) welcome all students in European schools to this web-based programme . It takes place within the context of the European Week of Science and Technology (EWST) - 2002 .

List of Accepted Projects from Latvia

This is where your project will be first be registered (team leader indicated in italics ) and - once you and your group have submitted a report on your chosen object that fulfills the conditions for this programme - your lottery number will also be shown.

Object Group Location Lottery
Mairan's Nebula (Constellation Orion - Messier 43) Liga Arniece
Inese Dudareva
Jekaterina Melnika
Kristaps Spruntulis
Riga 097
Sombrero Galaxy (Messier 104) Ingars Erins
Vitaly Gailis
Martins Kazradzis
Jury Leonenko
Riga 030
Andromeda Galaxy (Messier 31) Martins Granats
Ginta Gulbe
Ingrida Kramina
Svetlana Prokofjeva
Auce 080
Comet Hale-Bopp (C/1995 O1) Ingus Dambrauskis
Lolita Gravite
Signe Novika
Indra Spela
Auce 132
Milky Way Galaxy Maikls Eglitis
Janis Libeks
Iveta Murane
Martins Priedols
Riga 083
Mars Mihails Dolgusevs
Iveta Murane
Kristina Popila
Andris Rudzinskis
Riga 023
Pistol Nebula (Gal 000.15-00.05) Renate Grincuka
Linda Reisa
Fridis Sarcevics
Agnese Zarina
Auce 060
Titan (Saturnian Moon) Janis Blums
Armands Gulbis
Liene Rieksts
Martins Sudars
Riga 112

The winners will be drawn on November 8, 2002 - with a live webcast.

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