The present of the pistol nebula and massive star.

What is the Pistol nebula?

Nebula in generally is a vast of dust and gas. The gases which compose it are extremely thin and of low temperature. The Pistol nebula is a bright nebula, that surrounds the pistol star and as it is created by extremely massive stellar eruptions it could be a supernova nebula ( supernova nebula is a nebula that is created by explosion of supernova and it contains of more heavy metal than other nebulae ), because Pistol nebula doesnít correspond to other kind of nebulae, but it is not exactly a supernova nebula because Pistol nebula isnít created by explosion of supernova but by violent eruptions, that means that Pistol nebula just like Pistol star is not very ordinary nebula. The nebula is four light-years in size, roughly the distance between the Sun and the nearest star, Alpha Centauri.

What kind of star is the Pistol star?

Pistol star could be the most luminous and one of the most massive star in our galaxy. It belongs to LBV stars ( Luminous Blue Variables ) and that means that itís temperature is about 30 000 K, but as it belongs to variable stars, its temperature isnít constant.

Where can the Pistol star be found?

The UCLA astronomers estimate that the star, called the "Pistol Star" (for the pistol shaped nebula surrounding it), is approximately 25,000 light-years from Earth near the center of our Milky Way galaxy and it is located in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius, hidden behind the great dust clouds along the Milky Way.

The visibility of the Pistol star.

  The Pistol Star is not visible to the naked eye, but if it was visible to the naked eye then it would be visible as a fourth magnitude star in the sky (which is quite impressive given its distance of 25,000 light-years) if it were not for interstellar dust clouds of tiny particles between the Earth and the centre of the Milky Way that absorb the star's light. The most powerful telescopes cannot see the Pistol Star in visible wavelengths. However, ten percent of the infrared light leaving the Pistol Star reaches Earth, putting it within reach of infrared telescopes, which have seen rapid technological advances in recent years -- spurred by projects such as NICMOS.


What is inside the Pistol star?

All stars that are in main sequence ( stars exist in three levels of their life - protostar, life in the main sequence and life out of the main sequence until the stars stop exist ) have a zone of nuclear reaction in their centre. In this zone there are reactions when Helium turns into Hydrogen. These reactions are the main source of the energy of stars.

The credibility of information about the Pistol star and nebula

As the Pistol star and nebula are discovered only since 1990, they are very rarely known objects and a lot of people when they hear this name ďPistol starĒ wonder what it can be. Even some very great astronomers donít know almost anything about this object. As this object is so extraordinary and not very well investigated, it makes people to make some guesses and hypothesis about it. None of them can be sure that his guesses are right and that is why we canít make conclusions about informationís credibility, we can be only sure that this information is not totally false, because the sources where we looked for information were made by great astronomers, who knew a lot of about astronomy. But we hope that the Pistol star and nebula will be better known and investigated in the future and astronomers wonít give up in investigation of these objects.