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Our photos: we didn't use photographical instruments, because of two reasons: 1. We want to make the demonstration, and we had only one telescope! So we focused to archive the "feeling" of the Transit. I don't know how many we have taken, I tried to select the best the show the excellent mood (photos by Andras Donath & myself)!



1.The Venus!    2.Our Physics teacher set the focus    3,Waiting for the Black Drop...    4.Checking measurements, something wrog...



1.The dark blue sky...    2.Isn't a masterpiece?    3.My P.E. teacher & I'm checking the Venus    4.The demonstration



Demonstrations goes on, we presented the phenomea for 412 people with explanations


Photos from around the world


Sun's Face in H-alpha, Black Drop, atmosphere


Good quality photos with precise time, and an Aeroplane Transit


All photos (much more) at/from:

Google Images

ESO Gallery