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     After many exciting hours many adventure and problem to solve, but now its over. I remember when we just prepeared for the observation, and now here in front of me 3 pages with numbers, and at the and the AU for my observation. Its a good feeling.. I obtained my informations from the Internet and books, to get as many information as it was possible or neccesary. I write the memorabilias in a chronological order, I  tryed to write the scientfitical stuffs and the history in one text, because than it can be much colorfull, not just only history/science. I write them in the order as in the text they appear. I used a lot of figures, for the better understand somewhere, and pictures of the respected Astronomers. It brings to text more colourfull & interesting, I think. I tried to select to more important/interesting details in the historical part of the text, I think the point is not to collect every information, it can take too much caracters and most of them are not mportant. I dont want to collect every observers, just the one’s who had a great impact in the history of Astronomy. The documentation is 10 page, but pictures take a lot of place. In the science section I dont want to lose in the details, but to write the point everywhere, for example thousand of page can be easily obtained from the Black Drop Effect, but the most of them are not authentic. It was important and hard to get the right information, sometimes two pages/information were in conflict. Here I tried detct the true every time. I Hope it was successfull. I used some citation, as the most authentic source. To translate the script of Hell was probably the most difficult part of my work. Its wonderfull, but it has got a very hard language, it was hard to understand the hungarian version sometimes. But I found it important, and this also the describe how we get our measurements. In the pictures I want to show the happiness during the transit, not just because of the wonderfull weather, but the demonstration, which was very successfull. The mood was very good during the whole 6 hours everybody enjoyed it in place of a math lesson. The bibliography session I wrote every of my sources.

            For the final world the CAS 2004 was an excellent opportunity to remember, and makes me inspire to get more knowledge about ths topic, even if it took a lot of time, but I really enjoyed it, it was a good adventure.

Balazs Szigeti