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Catch a Star competition winners

ESO and EAAE are proud to announce the winners of the Catch a Star competition for 2005-06. First of all, we would like to congratulate everyone who took part in the competition. The standard of the entries was very high, which made the jury's task of choosing winners difficult, but also very enjoyable, as it was a pleasure to read the projects on which the teams had worked so hard! Even if you did not receive a prize this year, we hope you had fun taking part, and learnt some exciting things about our Universe! Look out for the next "Catch a Star!" competition...

The prizes listed below are subject to confirm of eligibility (according to the rules given in "How to enter" about age, being in primary or secondary education, and so on). We will be contacting winners shortly to confirm details, but if you have any questions please email us at

1st Prize: Visit to the ESO facilities in Chile

Star clusters and the structure of the Milky Way
Edina Budai, Andrea Szabo, Judit Szulagyi, with Akos Kereszturi
Obudai Secondary School, Jozsef Eotvos Secondary School, Budapest, Hungary

2nd Prizes

Visit to ESO Headquarters in Germany and Königsleiten Observatory in Austria:

The Fireworks Galaxy - NGC6946
Rumen Stamatov, Alexandra Georgieva, with Petar Todorov
Yambol Public Observatory with Planetarium/Sofia Astronomical Club attached to the Astronomical observatory of the University of Sofia, Bulgaria

Visit to ESO Headquarters and Wendelstein Observatory in Germany:

Annular solar eclipse vs. the Venus transit
Aida Pallàs Ramos, Violeta Porta Alonso, Alícia Tiffon Calvet, with Anicet Cosialls Manonelles
IES Guindàvols, Spain

Visit to Hispano-German Astronomical Observatory of Calar Alto, Spain:

Denitsa Georgieva, Rositsa Zhekova, Tanya Nikolova, with Dimitar Kokotanekov
NAOP "Jordano Bruno", Bulgaria

Highly commended projects

The jury also decided to award an additional ten prizes to "highly commended" projects. These teams will receive an astronomy CD-ROM or DVD.

Investigation of Star Formation in M33 Galaxy
Laurynas Pashakarnis, with Aurelija Visockiene
The Republic House of Technical Creation of Pupils, Lithuania

Comet Halley
Agnieszka Kolasa, Karol Szczyciński, Robert Mańko, with Aneta Mika
Stefan Czarniecki High School No.6, Poland

Barnard's Runaway Star
Yury Rozhyn, Ann Astashonok, with Siarhei Dubrouski
Gomel State Center Technical Creativity, Belarus

Io, Jupiter's moon
Cyrine Boukadoum, Thomas Salez, Remi Takase, with Michel Faye
Louis le Grand, France

Sun and Ozone
Valentina Georgieva, Donika Magunska, Diana Ivanova, with Nadya Kiskinova
People's Astronomical Observatory, Bulgaria

The annular eclipse in Portugal
Andreia do Nascimento, with Maria Leonor Cabral
Escola Secundária da Cidadela, Portugal

Variable Stars
Kristian Rix, Stefan Lund Christensen, Søren Kieffer, with Bjarning Grøn
Viborg Katedralskole, Denmark

Aurora Borealis
Johanna Modig, Malin Holm, with Ann Charlotte Rydgren
Sökoövikens Skola, Finland

M1, the Crab Nebula
Charlie Forrest, Lisa Cox, Ed Comben, with Lin Harwood
The Thomas Hardye School, United Kingdom

2005 RS10
Adeline Carballar, Lise Guerriero, Suzie Sordi, with Olivier Dugast
Lycée de l'Arc, France

Lottery winners

The following teams have won the lottery for a set of astronomy posters. Congratulations!

Solar Corona
Doroteya Valchanova, Katerina Kurteva, Radoslav Roydev, with Yoanna Kokotanekova
Astronomical Observatory by Youth Center, Bulgaria

The Treasures of Orion
Teodora Nikolova, Katina Nikolova, Irina Milkova Papazova, with Veselka Radeva
Astronomical Observatory, Varna, Bulgaria

The Solar Eclipse of 3 October 2005 in Portugal
Sérgio Batista, João Inácio, Diana Coelho, with Maria Mendes
Escola Secundária do Entroncamento, Portugal

Minor Bodies in the Solar System
Hanna Olsson, Tora Jung, with Anders Västerberg
Saltsjöbadens Samskola, Sweden

The observation of the partial annular solar eclipse in Lithuania
Dominyka Vaicvenaite, with Gitana Viganauskiene
The Republic House of Technical Creation of Pupils, Lithuania

Nuria Calvo Regaño, Juan de Lucas Herranz, Álvaro Gonzalo de León Reyes, with Jesus Gavito de Luis
Colegio Virgen De Europa, Spain

Formation, density and mass of Black Holes
Penelope Crow, Amber Jeral, Georgina Mady, with Robert Small
Langley Park Girls School, United Kingdom

Annular Solar Eclipse: 2005 Oct 03
Vergil Iotov, with Veselka Radeva
Astronomical Observatory, Varna, Bulgaria

Kristoffer Teivens, Simon Andersson, with Erik Ordell
Sätilaskolan, Sweden

M1, the Crab Nebula
Chris Aldworth, Louise Barfoot, with Lin Harwood
The Thomas Hardye School, United Kingdom

The following teams have won the lottery for an astronomy CD-ROM or DVD. Congratulations!

The Sun
Petter Axén, Rinki Hulth, with Anders Västerberg
Saltsjöbadens Samskola, Sweden

Ilijan Kotarac, Tonka Buric, Ana Bacelj, with Ana Bedalov

Jayashree Sridhar, with G. Bhuvaneshwari
Chettinad Vidhyashram, India

Annular Solar Eclipse - October 03, 2005 in Spain
Jan Mestan
Gymnazium Pisek, Czech Republic

Dance with Jupiter's Moons
Magdalena Radkova, Kalina Milanova, Slavina Tascheva, with Veselka Radeva
Astronomical Observatory, Varna, Bulgaria

Annular Solar Eclipse : "The ring of fire"
Patricia Santiago Pascual, Silvia Marín Camacho, Carla Anciones Martín, with Jesús Gavito de Luis
Colegio Virgen De Europa, Spain

The Moon
Pit Gennari, Sam Kuffer, with Claude Boncher
Lycée Aline Mayrisch, Luxembourg

Ursa Minor
Agnes Wiberg, Natalie Ört, with Erik Ordell
Sätilaskolan, Sweden

Supernova 1987A
Emmeline Brock, Hannah Day, Elisa Brann, with Robert Small
Langley Park School for Girls, United Kingdom

The Orion Constellation
Julian Koch, Britta Lohmann, Tatjana Schmidt, with Martin Falk
Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium Buchholz, Germany

Drawing competition winners

First of all, congratulations to everyone who entered the drawing competition. We greatly enjoyed looking at your pictures. Everyone who entered will receive a Catch a Star T-shirt! In addition, the following 5 pictures were awarded prizes of sets of astronomy posters , with the help of a public vote. Congratulations!