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Sea and Space


May 22nd, 1998

RealVideo Introduction to Sea and Space now available online. Please see the welcome page for details.

April 29th, 1998

The Online Classroom is now available for the Remote Sensing exercises

Improved procedure for registering with Sea and Space.

April 21st, 1998

SAREPTA - the Internet School Forum on Satellite and Environment - special offer to Sea and Space participants.

April 8th, 1998

National Brochures available for download.

April 2nd, 1998

Oceans of Water section goes online.

March 31st, 1998

Updated Remote Sensing Exercises: corrected inaccuracies in geographical coordinates.

March 9th, 1998

First public announcement of website at http://seaspace.esa.int:8000/ and http://www.eso.org/seaspace/

December 29th, 1997

First skeleton site uploaded to http://www.webthing.com/sea-space/.

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