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National Brochures

The National brochures are available in PDF (Acrobat) format, for you to read on-screen or print out. Since the Sea and Space programme varies between countries, you should select your own country from the list. For a few countries, the national brochure may be available in more than one language: in such cases, you can take any version.

Not all participating countries' brochures are available here. If yours is missing from the list, sorry!

ATÖsterreich (deutsch)
 BEBelgie (nederlands)
Belgique (francais)
CHSchweiz (deutsch)
Suisse (francais)
Svizzera (italiano)
DEDeutschland (deutsch)
DKDanmark (dansk)
ESEspana (espanol)
FISuomi (suomen)
FRFrance (francais)
ITItalia (italiano)
LULuxembourg (francais)
NLNederland (nederlands)
PTPortugal (portugues)
SESverige (svenska)
UKUnited Kingdom (english)

See also the Sea and Space National Contacts.

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