Astronomy Podcast now in Multiple Languages

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25 listopada 2011

Followers of the ESOcast — our astronomy podcast with Dr J — can now watch episodes subtitled in multiple languages. The addition of multiple languages reflects the international nature of ESO and astronomy, and makes it easier for astronomy fans around the world to keep up with the latest news from the world’s most productive observatory.

The new subtitles to the ESOcast also make it easier for science centres, astronomy educators, communicators and anyone interested in public outreach to share the videos with the public. Whether it is during a class, accompanying an astronomy exhibition, or at a video screening session, the ESOcasts are an easy-to-use, free-of-charge way to inspire people to discover the Universe.

You can select subtitles directly in our embeddable web player, for example on the ESOcast pages on our website. Simply click on the icon labelled CC (Closed Captioning), which appears in the upper right corner of a video when subtitles are available. The subtitles are also available for episodes of the ESOcast downloaded in iTunes (on Windows and Mac OS X). They are also embedded in the downloadable files in the HD & Apple TV and Video Podcast formats on our website, and can be viewed in programs such as VLC (on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux) and QuickTime Player (on Mac OS X). You can even download the subtitles themselves in the standard SRT format. For more information about how to view the subtitles, see our page with more information about subtitles and translations for ESO videos.

ESOcast subtitles are already available in a number of languages, including Spanish and Portuguese, among many others. However, not all episodes are available in all languages. All episodes also have the original English-language dialogue available as subtitles. If you’d like to help make the ESOcasts available in your language, we encourage you to contribute translations through the dotSUB website by creating a (free) account. You can find our videos by searching for ESOastronomy or for the ESOcasts collection. To find out how to use dotSUB, see our page and follow the tutorials on the dotSUB site. We encourage anyone who wishes to contribute a translation to notify us in advance by emailing information@eso.org. If you would like to join our mailing list for volunteer translators, to get advance notice of translation opportunities, please also email information@eso.org.

To receive the ESOcast in the future, simply subscribe to the ESO News Newsletter or subscribe in iTunes. Media representatives can subscribe to the ESO Broadcasters Newsletter.

The ESOcasts, as well as the other public outreach images and videos produced by ESO, are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported Licence, meaning that you may copy, adapt, and make use of the videos free of charge, provided that they are clearly and visibly credited. For details, see our page on the usage of images, videos and web texts. A list of the formats in which the ESOcast and other videos are made available can be found here.



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Astronomy podcast now in multiple languages
Astronomy podcast now in multiple languages