Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos (AW80T webcast)

This webcast is a recording of part of the live 24-hour webcast "Around the World in 80 Telescopes", which was part of the "100 Hours of Astronomy" project for the International Year of Astronomy 2009. It features four telescopes: Gran Telescopio Canarias, William Herschel Telescope, Swedish Solar Telescope and Telescopio Naziolane Galileo. It was webcast live on 03 April 2009 at 23:00 (Universal Time). For more about "Around the World in 80 Telescopes" and "100 Hours of Astronomy", visit this link.

This clip may only be used for news coverage and other movie/television productions about the "100 Hours of Astronomy" and The International Year of Astronomy 2009.


ESO/100 Hours of Astronomy/IYA2009

O filmie

Data publikacji:4 grudnia 2009 00:17
Czas trwania:37 m 45 s
Frame rate:30 fps

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