Inauguration of the ESO exhibition at the Taltal Museum

The new ESO permanent exhibition at the Museum Augusto Capdeville in Taltal was inaugurated on 12 September 2007. This exhibition was designed by ESO and implemented with the collaboration of the Municipality of Taltal, the Paranal´s Observatory host town. Since the construction of Paranal Observatory, ESO and the Municipality of Taltal have established a plan of mutual support, with the aim to develop cultural projects for the benefit of the whole community. At the centre of the picture, the Mayor of Taltal, Mr. Guillermo Hidalgo, accompanied by ESO Director General, Prof. Tim de Zeeuw (on the right), the former ESO Representative in Chile, Prof. Félix Mirabel (on the left), together with other local authorities and the Director of the La Silla - Paranal Observatory, Dr Andreas Kaufer (at the right edge).

More information on the Museum Augusto Capdeville in Taltal is available in Spanish at: and



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