The young star T Cha in the constellation of Chamaeleon

This chart shows the location of the young star T Cha within the constellation of Chamaeleon. This map shows most of the stars visible to the unaided eye under good conditions and the star itself is marked as a red circle. This star is too faint to see with the unaided eye, but is easily seen with a small telescope.

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ESO, IAU and Sky & Telescope

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Datum objavljivanja:24. februar 2011. 12:00
Povezana saopštenja:eso1106
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Naziv:T Cha
Tip:Milky Way : Star : Circumstellar Material : Disk : Protoplanetary
Milky Way : Sky Phenomenon : Night Sky : Constellation
Udaljenost:350 svetlosnih godina

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