Zooming in on Thor’s Helmet

This video sequence starts with a broad view of the Milky Way before closing in on the sky close to the familiar bright star Sirius. The final sequence shows a new VLT image of the Thor’s Helmet Nebula taken on the occasion of ESO’s 50th Anniversary, 5 October 2012, with the help of Brigitte Bailleul — winner of the Tweet Your Way to the VLT! competition.

Autorska prava:

ESO/B. Bailleul/Digitized Sky Survey 2/Nick Risinger (skysurvey.org).
Music: Disasterpeace

O video klipu

Datum objavljivanja:5. oktobar 2012. 16:00
Povezana saopštenja:eso1238
Trajanje:01 m 01 s
Frame rate:30 fps

O objektu

Naziv:ESO 50th anniversary, NGC 2359
Tip:Milky Way : Nebula : Appearance : Emission




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