Zooming in on a new VISTA image of the Orion A molecular cloud

This zoom sequence takes the viewer from a wide view of the Milky Way deep into a fascinating part of the famous constellation of Orion. By observing in near-infrared light the new picture from VISTA, a survey telescope at ESO’s Paranal Observatory, reveals huge numbers of objects that are normally obscured by dust in visible light pictures of the region

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Credits: ESO/VISION survey/N. Risinger (skysurvey.org).
Music: Johan B. Monell

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Datum objavljivanja:4. januar 2017. 12:00
Povezana saopštenja:eso1701
Trajanje:50 s
Frame rate:30 fps

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Naziv:Orion Nebula
Tip:Milky Way : Nebula : Type : Star Formation

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