Programme of Member State events — 50 years of ESO in Chile


The scientific achievements of the Paranal and ALMA Observatories: Greek astronomer Theodoros Nakos, will give an account of the challenges and achievements of the ALMA and Paranal Observatories.

  • Date and time: 8 October at 9:40 hrs (CLST).
  • Venue: Colegio del Sagrado Corazón Monjas Inglesas

Italian Investigation in Astronomy: The Italian Embassy will hold an interesting meeting between Italian astronomers, including Leonardo Vanzi, and the Chilean public.

  • Date and time: 19 October at 19:45 hrs(CLST).
  • Place: Auditorium Istituto Italiano di Cultura

Science and Art, 50 years of ESO in Chile: The Spanish astronaut Pedro Duque from the European Space Agency (ESA), will give a talk about his experience in the space.

  • Date and time: 29 October at 19:30 hrs (CLST).
  • Venue: Centro Cultural de España.

 The Embassy of the Czech Republic will organise a private meeting with Czech astronomer Petr Kabath

  • Date and time: November
  • Venue: To be confirmed

Copernico Star. Poland is the birthplace to one of the fathers of astronomy, Nicolaus Copernicus, and could not be absent from these celebrations. The Polish Embassy with the EXPLORA Conicyt programme will show the movie “Copernico Star”

  • Date and time: 4 December at 11:00 hrs (CLST)
  • Venue: sala Pablo Neruda de la Estación Quinta Normal

Walloon-Brussels celebrates 50 Years of ESO: The Walloon-Belgian, Brussels Delegation, the Natural Resources Information Centre (CIREN) and the Embassy of Belgium are organising a public meeting with the ESO astronomers Gautier Mathys and Alain Smette and Belgian astrophotographer Daniel Verschatse. The jazz ensemble Jazz l’Âme des Poètes will also participate in this event.

  • Date: 28 November, at 19:30 hrs (CLST).
  • Venue: Natural Resources Information Centre (CIREN), Manuel Montt 1164.

Meeting with Claude Nicollier: The Swiss astronaut Claude from the European Space Agency (ESA), will give an account of his spacewalks during his four journeys into space.

  • Date and time: 2 December at 19:00 hrs (CLST).
  • Venue:Hotel Atton el Bosque.


3rd “Café con Ciencias”: The Embassies of Germany and France are organising this event, with the participation of Luis Barrera, Chilean astrophysicist, Manuela Bulnes, Chilean expert on Mapuche cosmology, Linda Schmidtobreick, German astronomer at ESO and Julien Milli, French astronomer at ESO.

  • Date and time: Wednesday, 4 December at 18:00 (CLST).
  • Venue: Goethe Institut

These activities will end with an ESO-organised official event, to which authorities from the Government of Chile, representatives of the ESO Member State embassies and the astronomical community will be invited.