The Cat’s Paw and Lobster Nebulae

This comparison shows the area around the Lobster and Cat’s Paw nebulae observed at different wavelengths. Top panel: submillimetre wavelengths seen by APEX. Middle panel: near-infrared wavelengths seen by ESO’s VISTA infrared survey telescope; note that regions appearing as dark dust tendrils here show up brightly in the APEX view above. Bottom panel: visible light as seen by the VST, where most of the stars are hidden from view by dusty structures.


ESO/ATLASGAL consortium/VVV Survey/D. Minniti

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Release date:14 September 2017, 11:30
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Name:Cat's Paw Nebula, Lobster Nebula
Type:Milky Way : Nebula : Appearance : Emission : H II Region

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