Aurora: Lights of Wonder (trailer)

Experience the wonder and majesty of the aurora in this captivating fulldome experience by South Korean director Kwon O Chul. This spectacular planetarium show delves into both the scientific and mythological significance of aurorae and, using specially developed multi-camera technology, allows audiences to experience real-time highres views of these delicate veils of light for the first time. Under the ethereal beauty of the aurorae, audiences will experience a scientific exploration of these fascinating displays. Learn what causes the aurorae and their beguiling colours, and where best to view them from, and discover the latest scientific breakthroughs in auroral studies. You will also uncover the mythology of the aurora with beautifully animated explorations of what the dancing lights meant to the people living under them. As well as the view from Earth, take the rare opportunity to experience the aurora from the greatest viewpoint possible: the International Space Station. More information on:



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Release date:4 December 2018, 10:11
Duration:02 m 19 s
Frame rate:30 fps

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