Reprocessing of HARPS data

The experience of the last years of operations of HARPS has shown that sometimes the HARPS data reduced at the observatory might require further analysis and reprocessing. This is due to a wrong set of initial parameters specified in the observing template (stellar spectral type, or initial guess for the radial velocity). In these cases the spectral extraction is not affected, but the precision and the accuracy of the radial velocity measurement are likely not optimal. Although these cases are not frequent, they do happen from time to time and require re-computation of the radial velocities.

If the PI of an observing program wishes to reprocess her/his reduced data, she/he should contact the La Silla staff by writing an email to , providing:

  • a list of reduced files (*_e2ds_A.fits) to be reprocessed,
  • all the necessary parameters (e.g. initial guess for radial velocity, mask, ...),
  • a brief scientific and technical rationale as to why reprocessing is required,
  • the location of an FTP server where the data should be stored.
Due to the limited staffing and support for HARPS, the reprocessing of HARPS data works on best effort basis and might take some weeks. We note that large data sets cannot be reprocessed by the La Silla staff. Please, keep in mind that all HARPS data to be reprocessed will be reduced by using the latest version of the pipeline.